Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Three Months Already? {Photographer Columbia, SC}

This little cutie graced the blog a short time ago as a newborn and although it seems impossible, he's already three months old and he's back to visit!

It's really neat to see the change in babies from sleepy newborn to awake and aware three month olds. Even though they're still so young, you can already see their personalities starting to shine. It's wonderful and magical!

At three months, the big mile markers are those open eyes and a slightly stronger necks. Although many three month olds can lay on their belly and hold their heads up for short periods, the real accomplishment is the ability to be sit with support, such as in a basket or on mom or dad's lap. This little man is super strong. I suspect he may be on the move a little early, so he'll be keeping his mom and dad super busy!

Is it any wonder why I love photographing wee ones so much?


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