Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Halloween Mini Sessions {Photographer, Columbia, SC}

I love the fall and having kids has only made this time of year more enjoyable. In our household, plans for Halloween begin early. My husband who was born very close to Halloween always had a big time celebration for it as a kid. My mother-in-law really knows how to throw a party for her babies. He spends a lot of time coming up with decorating ideas and our home has become a yearly stop for many of our neighbors with and without children. He has to make it good because our drive is a very long and steep hill. It has to be worth the climb because I fear if it's not our house will be the next TP target for the neighborhood stinkers.

I have gotten far off point. Now that we have kids, we enjoy an added thrill each year; that of choosing a Halloween costume. Our oldest daughter is a real dresser-upper. And I always like to mark the season with a quick photo session of her in her costume for her scrapbook. Although I've been known to hang 10x20 prints of her in her costume in our home. Who doesn't like a really cute dressed up kid?

So this year I'm super excited to offer Halloween Mini Sessions for those with fellow super cuties who would like to get a great shot of them in their costume. These sessions are super short and include a 5x7 print and digital file for all of the sharing we all love to do.

It will take place on Saturday, October 15th (so you have plenty of time to get that costume picked and purchased). Email or message me for available times and information.

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