Monday, December 19, 2011

Taking Time... {Columbia, SC Childrens Photographer}

There is this field a fair distance from our home which has called to me for some time. For various reasons I have never had the opportunity to take photos there. However, this past Sunday as my family traveled home from church (our church is clear across town from our home), we were listening to the girls happily chatter in the back seat and as usual as we neared the field I thought, gosh I wish I had my camera. Then I remembered, I did!

Friday my three year old daughter had her Christmas performance at preschool and I had not had time to take it out of the car yet. Yippee for no time! My hubby was happy to stop and oblige my whim, so I pulled off the road and we all ran around in my favorite field for a little while. It was chilly and the light was far from what I would consider ideal, but it was a lot of fun. 

Who knew a hay bale could be so much fun?
These next couple of weeks of Christmas and New Year's I have set aside for taking a little extra family time. While there's no real break from work, I always make sure my schedule is really light so that I will be able to cherish this time with them as time seems to be something so fleeting any more. 

I encourage you to do the same. If there's a field or pretty spot you pass on occasion where you've thought, I'd just like to stop and take a picture, or just stop period, do it. Having said that, I'm not encouraging trespassing of any sort. This particular field is part of a plot of public land and the only rules are no dumping, which we did not do. So I'm not encouraging any illegal activity, but remember to take a little time and catch those happy moments!

Have a happy moment,

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