Monday, January 30, 2012

Adrian turns 1! {Photographer | Columbia, SC}

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing the first birthday party of an adorable little man. It seems like just yesterday I heard his mom was pregnant so when I got her email I was in disbelief that time had flown by so quickly.

I was thrilled over the prospect of photographing the party. Birthdays are a special event and it's those times more than others that moms end up absent from the photos. After all, they're usually the person behind the camera. And that responsibility also means they're not enjoying the celebration with their little one which is the biggest shame of all.

The party was a snowman theme and she did a fabulous job with the theme. The treats she prepared could have been right off the pages of Style at Home magazine. Because it was so inspired I am including some photographs of the setup with the ultra cute photos of the birthday boy and his guests below.

Adorable snowman cookie pops made with Oreos

Accessories for the hot chocolate

A great alternative to a traditional cake

All the places were set with cute snowman hats turned name plates

I'm not sure I'll ever look at drinking milk the same way

Fun on the slide

And the sandbox

Mom and grandpa sharing a smile

Grandpa and the birthday boy

A quick snap of mom and dad with their littlest man

I think he liked the snowman cupcake

Big brother having a little fun of his own

The whole family all together

This adorable cutie was all set for a picture with her mommy before heading home
 I had so much fun. Thank you again mom and dad for allowing me to photograph such a special family event. I hope you and your guests enjoy the images and I hope that Adrian's second year is just as healthy and happy as his first was!


  1. Love love love all those pictures!! :) You did such a wonderful job capturing everything and letting me just enjoy the party. Thanks so much!
    Jennifer :)

  2. It was great fun, Jennifer! Thanks again for the opportunity!


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