Session Information

As a natural light photographer, the majority of my sessions take place outdoors. However, indoor locations are always an option and often well worth considering. Newborn sessions for instance are always performed indoors for the comfort and safety of my most precious subjects.

In advance of your session we will get together so I can learn a little more about you as well as discuss location and what to wear. This way each session is customized to you.

Sessions for families and children take place during the morning or late afternoon and last from 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the type of session.  One of my favorite aspects of photographing families and children is the unexpected. Often times as a parent, we place unnecessary pressure on ourselves to make sure our children act perfectly proper and pose perfectly well for photos. While I will work to ensure you get some well posed photographs, I often find it's those sweet moments of spontaneity children are so well known for which make the most memorable and poignant photographs. So please don't add any extra pressure to yourself to get your children to "perform". With two young children of my own, I'm well versed on the behavior of children and my skill set includes using that behavior to capture beautiful moments for your family. Breaks for play are built into the session time allotment and allowing a few minutes of freedom will sometimes garner you some cooperation with a young child.

Newborn sessions can last up to 3 hours so as to allow for feedings and changes as needed for the comfort of the subject.

A preview of approximately 15-20 images from your session is provided to you within 7 days. Then we will get together and discuss options for printing. I will provide you with samples of finished products, including sample gallery displays to assist you with the decision process. Once your print order is placed, your finished products/prints will arrive within 2 weeks and I will hand deliver them to you.

*Special programs covering multiple sessions for the first year of a child's life are available. Contact us today for more info!